Saturday, 15 June 2013

What is AdSense ?

What is AdSense ?
AdSense is  a service provided by to display adds on your site or blog to earn money. For example there is add below if some clicks on my add I will get paid but making money is not difficult with adsense.
How to Make Money with AdSense ?
Making money with adsense is quite is quite difficult but when you start making money with it you income dose not stops and you make money every day for this you need a adsense account and some high traffic keywords that brings traffic to your blog. Some people think that its fake its not fake people not take intrust in it that's why the get mently disturbed and the say its fake do not stop working on adsense keep on working one day will come and you will earn allot of money seriously. I am not writing this post to make money I am just telling the the people not to get disheart from adsenseadsense

How you can make fast money with AdSense ?
You can make fast money with blogger .Blogger helps you to show your content or article to the world. Write a unique content or article with about 2% keyword density with high traffic keywords when you have written this article or content start making backlinks to your keyword after two or four months I hope that your blog will shown on the first page of the google and you will more organic traffic